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Artistic Research

Making, consuming and engaging with art helps one foster a unique perception that can’t be substituted by any other experience.

Artistic research strives to establish an analytic focus on the processes of creative action and reception.

Artists' applied research regarding creation and reflection is ideally supposed to be steeped in fruitful collaboration with various fields and methods of science research.

I’ve been working in the field of music research from various viewpoints:

At JAM MUSIC LAB I set up the strategies for programs on applied artistic research.

At the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna I’m currently working on a PhD thesis: “Composition in Jazz. Meanings and functions of different types of composition in the context of what is largely an improvised style of music.”

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Natural Born Viennese


Teaching music has always been an essential part of my life as a musician. From the mid 1990s I was working at various conservatories in Vienna, mainly as a lecturer for jazz guitar and music theory and also as an ensemble director. Between 2008 and 2011 I was leading the classes for composition, arranging and music theory in the jazz department at the Musikhochschule Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany.

In 2011 I was joint founder of a new music conservatory in Vienna, the JAM MUSIC LAB - Conservatory for Jazz and Popular Music. This impulse started what I would probably consider to be the most exciting era in terms of my experiences in music education!

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Articles & Posts