15 Years of Quinton Records – Chameleon Changes at Porgy & Bess on Sep 30th

Chameleon Changes’ record company QUINTON celebrates its 15th anniversary.

With: Chameleon Changes
When: September 30th, 2016
Where: Porgy and Bess, Vienna

Founded in 2001, the Austrian company has issued releases of great jazz artists like Wolfgang Muthspiel, Matthias Rüegg´s Vienna Art Orchestra, Wolfgang Puschnig, John Scofield, Marc Johnson, Snow Owl and many others.

Line up: 
Bertl Mayer (chrom. harp),
Herwig Gradischnig (reeds)
Simon Plötzeneder (trp.)
Robert Bachner (trb.)
Erwin Schmidt (p.)
Hans Strasser (b.)
Mario Gonzi (dr.)
Marcus Ratka (git., musical director)