JAM MUSIC LAB becomes cooperation partner of the legendary hotel at Semmering.

Südbahn Hotel

The so-called “Südbahn Hotel” at Semmering, about 1 hour south of Vienna, is a magical place. Built in 1882, it was a meeting location for artists and scientists as well as the high society of fin de siècle Vienna. Immediately after the opening the circles of Viennese society, archdukes and ministers, even Empress Elisabeth enjoyed the alpine summer freshness in the mountain air near Vienna.

After the collapse of the monarchy, the reputation of this unique house fell. The company was shut down for decades. But now the Austrian entrepreneur Christian Zeller has revitalized the location. Hotel operations are to be resumed in the coming years. However, the house is already starting as a cultural organizer under the direction of Ingrid Skovhus and Stefan Wollmann. The JAM MUSIC LAB University is a partner in programming and has also been allowed to organize concerts with students, teachers and guests of the university. We are very  happy to be involved in these wonderful activities.