Studies on Artistic Research and Musical Hermeneutics

At the Institute of Musicology, Vienna, I was part of a several year long ongoing research seminar on musical hermeneutics, which was led by the musicologist Gernot Gruber. This period greatly influenced my thoughts and approaches towards music research in general and subsequently in the field of artistic research.

The question of how intuitive and theoretical knowledge might be distilled out processes of artistic creation – such as circular interplays of the sense of possibility and reality in creative work – started to draw my interests in musicology and philosophy.

Various essays by the members of the research group were published for the purpose of final documentation.

At the moment, I´m very glad to have further opportunites to put concepts concerning artistic research into musical practice.

In October 2016, I´m starting to lead a seminar on “Composed Music in Jazz” at JAM MUSIC LAB. It is going to be an additional activity in applied music research referring to my current work on a PhD thesis: “Composition in Jazz. Meanings and functions of different types of composition in the context of what is largely an improvised style of music.”

Non residental research participants will be able to join the research group. If you´re interested in receiving further information, please get in contact with me at JAM MUSIC LAB.